Visit By The Global Director of Applied Sustainability(BASF)

Visit By The Global Director of Applied Sustainability(BASF)
November 24, 2019 admin

RecyclePoints hosted the BASF Director of Applied Sustainability Talke Schaffrannek and Project Manager of BASF Waste-2-Chemicals Project in Nigeria Akintayo Adisa Ph.D to our FESTAC Town Recyclables Collection and Sorting Hub (CoSoHUB) in Lagos. BASF is pioneering a Waste-2-Chemical Project in Lagos with the aim to reduce the environmental impact caused by plastic waste in Nigeria.

The BASF West Africa Managing Director Jean-Marc Ricca had earlier mentioned that BASF Sustainability footprint in Nigeria is becoming significant as they look forward to setting up a Circular Economy Lab in Lagos that will spearhead the Waste-2-Chemicals Project.

RecyclePoints is very pleased to be part of this circularity milestone having provided initial plastic waste samples that facilitated the feasibility of the project. We look forward to collaborating with BASF and other stakeholders to pursue an aggressive waste plastics recovery program that would subsequently lead to Zero Plastics leakage to our Oceans.

Furthermore BASF joined the RecyclePoints Corporate Recycling Program, thus recycling the waste generated at their facilities through RecyclePoints. Showing that indeed “charity begins at home”.


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