Corporate Recycling Partnership with Coca-Cola

Corporate Recycling Partnership with Coca-Cola
October 25, 2019 admin

Coca-Cola Nigeria signed up to RecyclePoints Corporate Recycling Program and internally launched their “World Without Waste” plan which informs a renewed focus on their entire packaging lifecycle – from how bottles and cans are designed and made, to how they’re recycled and repurposed.
Speaking at their Head Office in Ikoyi, their Managing Director Mr. Yebeltal Gatachew reiterated their President and Global CEO’s message that “Consumers around the world care about our planet. They want and expect companies like ours to be leaders and help make a litter-free world possible”.
He enjoined every staff to leverage RecyclePoints incentive based recycling program to recycle both in the office and at their homes.
The program included the provision of RecyclePoints unique indoor recycling stations, which will make recycling convenient and accessible within the office premises of  Coca-Cola Nigeria.
Some other highlights of the day was the exhibition of artworks by @josh_egesi and @ife.lapizuli. They repurposed Bottle Covers and PET Bottles that we used for the ceremony.




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