Recyclable Waste Collection

We collect the following recyclable materials for further reprocessing into new production raw materials:

  1. PET Plastic Bottles and Containers
  2. Used Beverage (Aluminum) Cans
  3. Pure Water Sachets
  4. LDPE Nylon Packaging
  5. HDPE Packaging Containers
  6. Shredded and Non-shredded Office Papers
  7. Old Newspapers
  8. Brown Corrugated Cartons
  9. Glass Bottles

Waste Audit

We handle Waste Auditing for Corporate Establishments.

Waste Recycling Consultations

Training and Education on Recycling

We handle training for staffs and janitorial teams of establishments on proper waste collection, separation, management and recycling practices.

Waste Management Equipment Rentals

Community Engagement and Sensitization

We handle community sensitization on proper waste disposal, recycling and environmental sustainability.

Waste Recycling Services at Events