We are a Waste Recycling and Social Benefit Venture

RecyclePoints is a waste recycling and social benefit venture that operates an incentive-based scheme which collects recyclable materials from post consumers and in turn rewards them with “Points” which they can accumulate and use to redeem/shop for household items offered through our iRecycle store.


It is a common sight to see our streets, drainages, roadsides and even dumpsites packed with recyclable packaging materials which are carelessly disposed of by users. This practice often poses environmental hazards to communities as they experience flood due to the blockage of water drainages by most of these recyclables which has become the fastest growing packaging option in the beverage and food industry. Lagos State (our pilot location) has an estimated population of 17 million people and daily generates an average of 9,000 metric tonnes of waste of which 1,200 metric tonnes are currently recycled. Recyclables form the bulk of identifiable items at refuse points in Nigeria. Often times, the drainage channels in the metropolis cities are blocked by these recyclable items and the resultant effect during the rainy season is flood and breeding ground for harmful organisms.


The most challenging concern for recycling is sustaining an effective buyback system for clean recyclables and an efficient supply-chain system for collection. Our model is an incentive “Point-Based” collection program that allocates “Points” to the quantity of recyclable items neatly collected at the point of disposal by post-consumers who in turn use the earned “Points” to redeem numerous identified household items and services. Subscribers to the scheme are given Green Cards, were items collected and counted are recorded against each week of the month. Recyclers get an SMS notification at the end of the week on the number of “Points” gained. Thereafter, the “Points” gained could be traded in exchange for equivalent tagged items available at the RecyclePoints “iRecycle Store”. Redeemed items are collected from our office or delivered to the Recycler directly on request. We also award bonus points for any environmentally friendly activity we promote or encourage. Potential Recyclers register to join the iRecycle Network and earn points from various identified recycling activities.

Management Team


Mazi Ukonu, a Materials Engineer and Supply-Chain Manager, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Materials & Metallurgical Engineering. He has over 10years experience in Procurement and Logistics Management in the Oil & Gas industry. He earned an Executive Certificate in Technology, Operations and Value Chain Management from the MIT Sloan School of Management and has attended numerous MBA courses in Supply-Chain and Project Management. As a materials expert, he privately sought to build a viable model for waste recycling cum social enterprise that will suit the Nigerian ethos and the result is RecyclePoints.


Chioma, an Operations & Customer Service Specialist holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics & Electronics from the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria. She earned a Certificate in Enterprise Development from the Pan Africa University Lagos and is also an Alumnus of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program. She has transversed through the telecoms and banking sectors serving in the sales, marketing and customer relationship management units. She currently runs the operations of RecyclePoints as the Chief Operations Officer (COO).


Taiwo is an Independent Environmentalist and Waste Management Consultant,  he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and Master’s Degree in Environmental Resources Management from Lagos State University. He is an Associate Member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, U.K, (IIRSM); Member, International Solid Waste Association (ISWA); Associate Member, Nigeria Institute of Management, (NIM); Member, Nigeria Environmental Society (NES); Member, Nigeria Conservation Foundation (NCF). He runs a very successful environmental assessment consultancy and has renowned corporate clients under his portfolio. He also consults on how to turn trash/waste into wealth. Taiwo is also an alumnus of the Young African Leaders Initiative Network (YALI) and International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).


Uchenna, a Project Manager and Administrator, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management. He successfully runs a Haulage venture here in Nigeria after serving in various reputable firms in the United States of America where he received training in various engineering disciplines. He is very proficient in Information technology, human resource management and project coordination.