Corporate Recycling

RecyclePoints provides various platforms for corporate entities to leverage our waste recycling initiatives, to promote their corporate sustainability and social responsibility policies, thus showcasing themselves as environmentally responsible corporate citizens. A corporate entity signs up either as a Core Partner or as a Participating Client, with a mutual goal in achieving environmental sustainability that fosters social, economic and financial development within the environment in which they operate.

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Corporate Clients that enroll to be Core Partners show participation in carrying out recycling activities that best fits their social and environmental objectives.

They carry out social benefit initiatives that promotes their values in areas of environmental sustainability, community engagement, youth empowerment, women empowerment, poverty eradication and teaching recycling early. They can also adopt schools on local communities where they sponsor a teach recycling early initiative in our school recycling program. Core Clients are expected to support our initiatives with equipment such vehicles and tricycles to help with recyclables pickup logistics and basic infrastructures such as recycling kiosks which serve as collection points in our communities. Core clients can also support RecyclePoints Initiatives in setting up Recycling Kiosks, Collection and Sorting Hubs (CoSoHUBs) and Recyclables Aggregation and Processing Facilities.

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Participating Clients, on the other hand, are corporate entities who are willing to participate in this sustainability initiative in acting as environmentally resposible citizens that want to dispose their wastes responsibly. Participating Clients pay a one-off, non-refundable enrollment fee to subscribe to the waste recycling program. The company is also showcased as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen handling serious issues in waste management and Recycling.

To subscribe to any of our Corporate Recycling Programs, please contact us.